Friday, June 3, 2011

Road to Success

Woo Hoo!  Its 7 years on and I'm finding the light at the end of the tunnel.    Yep, 7 years since my marriage of 13 years ended leaving me with no money, little food, bills to pay, 3 children to feed and bare basics in household furnishings. Any superannuation I may of had was gone. My jewelry and cashable assests..gone. The house we had purchased...gone.  Let me tell you though, the ending of my marriage was a blessing.  On a scale of 1 to 5 it was about a 2.

The first year was focused on helping my children cope with the emotional upheaval of Dad having a new life.   During this time one of my children was diagnosed with sever ADHD and between pressure from the  school to have him medicated, visits to the doctor, counsellors, and animosity between my ex and myself,  life was pretty stressful.   I was still determined to be a Stay at Home Mum and Earn an income, not an easy task. 

I found an online business that I knew would give me the freedom I desired no matter how long it took.  I also had to find a part-time job according to Australian Government legislation, be available to my children, fit in doctors appointments, be on call for the school - who I might add, rang me every day for help.  There were times when I broke down and said 'enough is enough'.   At these times, especially with my son was suspended from school AGAIN I decided to home school him just to help him catch up on the 7 months of the year he was missing out on. 

For 5 years I worked 15hour a week cleaning houses, slowly building my online business, home schooling children, being a Mum and Dad, doing all the household chores with very little help from family (mainly criticisim) or anyone else, learning to deal with my depression, helping my children to cope with their depression and understand ADHD so we could help my son learn to control his actions and recognise the triggers.

Sound  full on?  Let me tell you a secret.    Household chores were on low priority.   They got done when I got there.   As far as I'm concerned,  if you came to visit you came to see me and my family  NOT how clean the house is or whether the yard is mowed and tidy. 

So 7 years on and I"m working at home full time,  my house is cleaner more often,  the yard is mowed and tidy more often, my son is employed and the other looking for employment.  My daughter is learning to deal with everything life threw at her.   Life has a more positive outlook.   Oh and I accidently found my Family home.   Someone asked me a while back what I wanted in life.  Apart from having children who are emotionally balanced, happy in their career with a bright outlook,  I want a family home.  As I outlined what I wanted in a house I had a picture in my mind.    The other day I took a wrong turn and  discovered the house exactly like the one I pictured, even down to where in the street it was situated.   No its not for sale.....yet.  The reason is I don't have the finances just yet to purchase.   When I'm ready, the house will be ready.  So give me another couple of years.