Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teenage Daughters

Oh Boy!! Living with Teens can be the most daunting but rewarding era as a Mum. In fact I feel like I live in a combat zone filled with snipers…..never knowing where the next shot will come from.

Lets start with 12 yrs of age. OMG! The hormones start and life as we know it…….ends. For instance, my daughter. She’s 12 and a half. For the last 6 months I have been the carer of a shrieking, temper tantrum chucking, disrespectful, wilful girl who acts like she’s 16 going on 20 yrs. I say I’m the carer because I’m certain that the beautiful pleasant daughter who I gave birth to, swapped bodies with an evil alien. It is only lately that I am seeing glimpses of my beautiful daughter again.

She has taken to wearing armour to school just to deal with peer pressure. Who would of thought, Year 8s wearing eyeliner, foundation, mascara just to fit in. Hair styles of course are big. so in comes the black hair with funky tips, Piercing is a plus in any girls accessories and they don’t mean ears. Facial & body piercing need apply. Clothing isn’t a huge issue…… long as its black with pink/purple highlights. Shoes, well she’s always had a shoe fetish since she could walk, she would give Melda a run for her money given the chance.

Boys, now theres a nightmare. I’ve noticed that boy/girl relationships start at a very young age. In primary school of all things. Now she is being asked out by 14 and 15yr olds. Of course there is hell to pay when I find out. And her brothers, well talk about protective. Needless to say her boyfriends don’t last more than a few hours. I have a few friends who are facing the new status of GRANDPARENT with the new mothers-to-be still at school. Are this generation taking us back to ancient times of parenthood beginning at 14yrs? Or has it always been this way? I am definately not ready for this so boys are a no no.

Aside from the alien abduction, I can also see she is beginning to fit into her new skin as a young woman. She’s an independant thinker and more than able to stand up for herself. She’s also learnt to use the washing machine, negotiate contracts for pocket money and that school doesn’t like individualism unless its academic/sports based.

Living in a combat zone will continue for a while yet, but at least I can see harmony in the future.