Friday, June 12, 2009


Either you are already on the path to becoming a Mum or want to be a Mum, either way are you really prepared emotionally?

Most parents find it is a joyful, exciting, scary and sometimes long anticipated event. Others find they are in a situation that is very unexpected and need time to decide whether its a welcome event or not. The emotional rollercoaster has begun!

Lets skip ahead 9 months. You have finally met your baby and the feeling of your heart swelling with love is unbelievable. It's love at first sight. A few days later and you and baby are home. Suddenly you fully realise..........

You are now responsible for a small person who is wholly and solely dependant on you for its emotional well-being, survival and safety for the next 20 years. Possibly even longer.

What if you do something wrong? You won't. Providing you love your baby unconditionally, feed your baby, change its nappy often and put him first (or very close second) you will be fine.

Trust your instincts. Anytime something doesn't seem quite right, refer to your doctor or paediatriction. Make sure your doctor is sensible and willing to listen to you, you do not want an arrogant, overbearing doctor only interested in their next dollar.