Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working at home

Are you looking for a home business or a job? 6 Years ago I was looking for a way to work at home. Like most people, I thought I could find something with no outlay. How wrong I was! My options were:

* Surveys - Some are free to join and others require a joining fee. Majority of the surveys pay a small commission or points for completed surveys. When the points or commissions add up to a certain amount you can then get paid. Sounds great doesn't it! I quickly found that I needed to spend most of my time answering surveys which usually partway informed me they had met their quota. Hence no pay.

* Data Entry/Word Processing - Very easy to do and hard to find. Majority I found required me to advertise my skills and wait to be bid on by prospective employers. Again I needed to pay a joining fee, get given some information and then I'm on my own. Grrr!

* Out Sourcing for various types of call companies. - This is a pay per call basis. some as low as 50 cents per call others as high as 3 dollars per call (conditions apply). This job is quite interesting, you still need to pay for public liability insurance (even though no-one enters your home on a work basis), police criminal check, telephone and computer equipment. Again hard to find decent company's but there is always answering someone's fantasy. lol

* Direct Marketing -Party Plan, MLM's, . - Plenty of those around. All have a cost to join plus product packs. Somewhere up to $2000+. There are some very successful people out there who have built an awesome business through determination, commitment and Can Do attitude. Success doesn't happen over night, allow 2-8 years. Shop around, find the company with the right principals, right product for your family, support and training to suit your needs.

* Affiliated Marketing - Again costs to start up, websites to design, websites to be affliated with. Alot of work with small commissions.

If none of these interest you, then you are looking for a JOB.

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